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Student Councils


University Politics

A student body (aka. Fachschaft) is the entirety of all students enrolled in the corresponding department.

There's a joint student council consisting of all faculties of the location in Steinfurt.
The student council (aka. Fachschaftsrat) functions as student representation towards the lecturers and the FH. In addition, its members organize events, such as lectures, workshops and parties and provide assistance for everyones student life.
You can become involved in your student council, too!

Do you also want to take action?
The student councils meet regularly and are happy to welcome new members or suggestions.
This is how you can contact your student council and find them on social media:

Student Council Architecture
Leonardo Campus 5, Room 100.010
Tel.: +49 251 836 49 80
IG: msa.fachschaft
FB: Fachschaft05
Student Council Civil Engineering
Corrensstr. 25, Room A206
Tel.: +49 251 836 49 81
IG: fsbauingfhmuenster
Student Council Design
Leonardo-Campus 6, Room EG 057
IG: fsr07_msd
FB: ista07
Student Council Business
Corrensstr. 25, Room A417
IG: fachschaftwirtschaftmsb
Student Council Food / Nutrition / Facilities
Corrensstr. 25, Room C137
Tel.: +49 251 836 54 92
IG: fs_oeffhmuenster
FB: FachschaftOEF
Student Council Social Work
Friesenring 32, Room 000.005
Tel.: +49 251 836 49 85
IG: fachschaftsozialwesenfhms
FB: Fachschaft.Sozialwesen
Student Council Health
Leonardo Campus 8, Room 1.12
Tel.: +49 251 836 49 86
IG: fsr.gesundheit.munster
FB: FSRGesundheit
Student Council Vocational Education
Leonardo-Campus 7, Basement, Room 090.055
IG: fachschaft.lab
FB: fachschaft.lab
Joint Student Council Steinfurt
Stegerwaldstraße 39, N-Building, Room 13
Tel.: +49 255 196 22 14
IG: gfsrsteinfurt
FB: FachschaftSteinfurt

You have the online vote! November 17th - 19th!

Like all universities, FH Münster is largely structured democratically. This semester the elections will be held online for the first time.
How often are elections held ?
Once a year. This semester, for the first time, the student bodies and the university committees are elected simultaneously and online

Who can vote ?
The students, professors, academic employees and employees in technology and administration at FH Münster. A group voting right is applied here. These four groups each elect their representatives to the committees.

Which committees are elected ?
Student Parliament
Student Council
Faculty Council
Representation for the interests of student employees
Equal Opportunities Commission
Who can run for election ?
Every university member can run for election.

How can I run for election ?
To run is very straightforward. Just fill out the corresponding form and submit it.
The forms for the university committees can be obtained from your student council, your dean's office and the AStA and are handed in at the dean's office. For the student committees (StuPa, FSR) you can get the form at the AStA-Office and also hand it in there. You can find more information on!

Which students are running in the elections ?
Which lists (parties in the student parliament) are there ?
Which positions do they represent ?
Find out with the StuPa-Mat!
The StuPa-Mat is based on the Wahl-O-Mat. It provides information about the election programs of the lists running for the student parliament election. You can find the StuPa-Mat here: